Brooklyn-born music producer and sound engineer Philippe Moise, aka "Trackmanbeatz" is in less need of introductions these days, especially within the hip hop community. Over the past few years, he has built up a resume that can only be respected.


Trackmanbeatz's most recent project has involved working with Broadway actress and singer Haviland Stilwell, producing and engineering "Reflect" which features on her new album "Spark". Not long before that, he worked with artist "G6" as well as his own two brothers (Earl & Gregory), forming the hip hop group "Outsiderswwi". The work resulted in a major placement in 2014, on the American TV show "Bad Girls Club" (Season 11). The Oxygen Channel's show used his production of "She's All The Way Up" by G6, which led to three more track placements in 2015 that he produced/engineered for Outsiderswwi.


The three tracks used were "Gangsta Gangsta", "Swagger On Another Level" and "Team No Sleep".


Moise's impressive resume can be followed all the way back to 2008, when he produced a major record for Atalanta rapper "Pastor Troy" featuring on the album "T.R.O.Y". The track was called "Dopeboy" and was used as the single for the album.


When asked how he got his first break, Moise replied "Well I used to work in the Palm Beach Mall in a jewelry store called 'Gold Italia' and every time I went to work, I would promote myself as a music producer. I always carried a cd that contained ten of my best instrumentals, then one day a music manager wanted to buy some jewelry and happened to mention that he managed music artists....and boom!...It was just perfect timing. Luckily I had a cd with the tracks on. I gave him it to listen to and that's how things got started"


Putting talent aside, some of Trackmanbeatz's success is most likely due to his professional work ethic and continuously raising the bar on his own expectations. In his own words he even says "there is only one way for me to go now, and that's up. With the support and belief of my brothers and the artists in my team; Transporta , Speedy, E2 and several more, I cannot lose. I don't do music just to get a name or be famous, I do it for the art, my passion for this art and for my fans internationally."


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TV Credits

 Bad Girls Club Season 11

  • G6 featuring Pacman & Realdeal - She all the way up


 Bad Girls Club Season 13

  • Outsiderswwi - Swagger on Another Level
  • Outsiderswwi - Team no Sleep
  • Outsiderswwi - Gangsta Ggangsta ( Featuring Speedy )


 MLB on Fox Sports

  • Instrumental to the Sky - ( Pregame June 07 2014 )




 Pauly Shore Stands Alone ( 2014)

  • G6 featuring Pleasure P - Something About Her

Honey Rise Up ( 2018)

Outsiderswwi - Gucci Lui Pradda ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )



Outsiderswwi - Gucci Lui Pradda ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )

Parish Parrish - Rich ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )

Transporta - I wanna dance with you ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )

G6 featuring Pleasure P - Something about her ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )

Outsiderswwi - Gangsta Gangsta featuring Speedy ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )

Transporta - I wanna be rich ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )

Outsiderswwi - Swagger on another level ( Produce by Trackmanbeatz )



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